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                                     $1,200 Early Bird Special (Before August 1, 2019)


                               $1,500 Standard fee (After August 1, 2019)


Dates: August 29th – September 1, 2019. You haven’t been to Vegas if you haven’t been there with Austin Robinson. This weekend program is packed full of training. You’ll party hard with Austin and meet some of the world’s most beautiful women and leave the program with the tools necessary to excel with women!  For more details or to check out Austin's Vegas Experience website Click Here!


                                                                                  $1,500 per month 

                                                                                  (2 hours per week)

If you want to improve your skills with women, personal one-one-coaching with Austin Robinson is for you. With this weekly training, you’ll receive direct and personalized attention from Austin Robinson himself. This is the fastest and best way to get your life on track with women! 


                                                                                  $800 Special 

                                                                                  (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) 

Includes club game, day game, text game program, and subway game! This program is intense. New York is a make-it-or-break-it town where the women are beautiful and take no shit. Your game must be tight or your seed will not be allowed to reproduce. Join Austin Robinson for this awesome boot camp!


                                                                      $90 (1 hour)


                                                                    $399 (6 hours) $140 savings


There’s no better way to get your life in order with women then to have an online Skype consultation with Austin Robinson. As your dating coach, he will speak directly with you and answer any questions you have. Most importantly, he will give you on-point advice tailored specifically to your needs. Beware, you might also be given homework!


                                                                    $150 (1 hour)


                                                                    $500 (4 hours, recommended)


Robin Austin will put you into a state of deep trance hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind and model it after an Alpha male. You will accept a new radical belief system wherein you are “the man” who readily has an abundance of women in his life. With this new belief system installed into your hard drive, you will act accordingly and reality will align to meet your expectations.


                                                             $500 (Three-hour powerful course)


The best possible outcome for a guy who is a mover and shaker-- one who is the cause of things in the world and not just the effect-- is to have a life full of beautiful women. Unless you are a rockstar, rapper, movie star, drug dealer, or rich as hell, the possibility of having top-tier women around you is slim. However, there is a way to hack the system and create a social circle littered with hot women. Austin Robinson will show you the secrets to rebooting your life and creating an exclusive social circle where you have power, wealth, and influence among the hottest women!


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